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I’ve had five natural childbirths, all attended by midwives and my husband, who proved to be a wonderful coach after a great training at childbirth class. My first three births were in the hospital and my last two births were in the comfort of my living room, also attended by my doula.

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I enjoy teaching natural childbirth classes and attending births as a doula.


I love walking on clean floors, but I only get to when I’m visiting a friend without young children! You can read my personal blog, at home with guinever to find out more about homeschooling, cooking, and living with kids, and a whole lot more.


1. Lauren Howard - March 8, 2008

You are such a smart lady! I was just looking at some pictures of Beth on your site then checked out all the organized research you have collected. What a resource for birthing women! I am proud to be your friend!


2. enjoybirth - January 26, 2008

I wanted to invite you to ‘pick up’ your award at my blog. :o)

thanks so much!!!

3. Nicole D - January 25, 2008

Guinever – I had no other way of notifying you – so, I wanted to let you know that you have been ‘awarded’ on my blog.

thanks so much!

4. LISA - August 8, 2007

I have to say that of ALL the many hours I’ve obssessed reading about pregnancy on the web, your site is by the far the most informative. I keep coming back to your site to read up on the updates or questions I have about my pregnancy (I’m 35 weeks along).
Your caring personality really does shine through the internet via your website.


5. Ashley - May 17, 2007


This July I’ll be giving birth to my 3rd child. My 1st was an (unnecessary) induction, my 2nd was a high risk c-section and now I’m going to try for an un-medicated, hospital VBAC.

At times I get discouraged and worried about whether I will be able to handle it, and it’s hard having 2 kids but never having gone into labor naturally, I’m not sure what to expect. But reading birth stories like yours and all the information about labor & delivery has been so helpful in building my confidence! I really feel like this can happen the way it should. I want you to know that you are an answer to my prayers!

6. SAH - February 2, 2007

Hi Guinever,

You’ve done a great job on this blog. what a great reference!

Your bro.


7. guinever - December 22, 2006

Hi Lisbet,
Hope you enjoy the birth stories. I haven’t written my most recent, most peaceful homebirth yet–it will probably appear in early January.

8. Lisbet - December 22, 2006

I am so gonna spend my coffee break this afternoon reading your birth stories!! 7 of my 8 babies have been born at home. Thanks for visiting my blog!

9. Sarah - December 6, 2006

I am so glad to know that my floors aren’t the only ones with children that can turn white socks grey occasionally. Come to think of it, nothing white stays white for very long in our house. 🙂 I too like walking on clean floors, looking out of clean windows, into clean mirrors, and walls without toddler hieroglyphics. On the other hand, there are few things cuter than a perfect tiny hand print on the bathroom mirror. Isn’t being a mommy fun?!

10. Stephanie Loveland - December 1, 2006

Your clean floors comment was hilarious. I am so with you on that! Let’s just say my house isn’t the idyllic little place I pictured. Scratch that. Actually, I am not the idyllic little housekeeper I pictured. But there is nothing else I would love doing half so much as this.

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