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on homebirth: Ron Paul in favor of families having the option to choose January 15, 2008

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Here’s what Ron Paul said at a political rally in Greenville, North Carolina when asked about licensing midwives:

But if you can allow it with licensing, that’s slightly better, [than prohibition] the ideal is that people make up their own minds. I am not in favor of government prohibiting people from making private choices. I may have a medical opinion–well, you shouldn’t do this or you shouldn’t do that, but politically, people should make their own choices.

So you’re in favor of families having the option to choose.

Oh yes, definitely, said Ron Paul.

To watch and listen to this short video at a rally in Greenville, South Carolina, go to the clip at YouTube. What I have quoted above appears at the end of this video.



1. Christy - March 24, 2008

What midwifes and doctor take part in natural child birth in south carolina?

Dear Christy, I am not in South Carolina so I personally don’t know the birth climate there. If you look at my sidebar to the right of your screen, I have links where you can find midwives and doulas. You could contact a childbirth educator or doula in your area and ask for referrals. Do an internet search for “midwife south carolina”. Ask your friends. ~hope this helps, Guinever

2. Laura in DE - January 16, 2008

So, I’m not a Republican and can’t vote for Ron Paul in the Primary. That said I wish I knew more people who were so that I could spread the news!
I’m a student midwife, and all about choices in birth and health care. But I think this goes WAY beyond birth issues. I find it astonishing to ACTUALLY hear and see a candidate talk about keeping big government (and big business) out of people’s homes. I wonder if, and hope that, he can walk the walk too.
Thanks for this great snippet.

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