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the joy of natural childbirth: a birth in pictures November 28, 2007

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With permission from the couple, I am pleased to share with you a birth in pictures. I include these on my website so that you can see the joy of natural childbirth. I have decided not to caption the pictures below, but rather describe them here first.

The mom had been pushing for awhile and moved to the bathroom. Birth was close when I started snapping these photos. In attendance at this planned homebirth of a first baby, were a certified nurse midwife, the midwife’s assistant who is a midwife in training, and me–the couple’s friend, doula and childbirth educator.

The photos begin with the quiet stillness in between contractions, with mom blowing out. Notice how she has her jaw, open and relaxed. The next is the determination of pushing during a contraction. Instinctively, she holds her breath and puts her chin on her chest, pushing until she needs to breathe. She takes a breath and then pushes some more. The baby crowns and is about to be born so she stands up. The father looks on in eager anticipation as his baby is about to born. The midwife supports the baby’s head, protecting mom’s perineum. There’s a little bit more blood than usual because the baby has a compound presentation, meaning an arm is coming out with the head.

The baby is born into the hands of her daddy and lifted into the arms of her mother. See the joy, the adoration, the exhilaration of both parents. This is a tiny peek into the intimacy of the moment of natural birth.

This photo story ends with the babe wrapped in a towel, the new family still in the bathroom. Not pictured: the couple climbs into bed where the baby nurses and the placenta is born.

Enjoy. You are about to witness a birth in pictures.






1. Judith emmanuella - March 10, 2009

Am so thrilled.am 31weeks now n alwaz feels scared but d picture u posed made me stronger n believe its well.luv d couples.dey did a rare thing.

2. Michael - January 11, 2008

Beautiful, almost as amazing as my wife, and my two children being born at home…

3. Betsy - November 29, 2007

Beautiful! as I sit with a client while she rests, these pictures are inspiring. I only wish every birth could be this way. Thank you.

4. karla - November 29, 2007

Wow, Guinever, these are beautiful. A gift to your website!

5. Jacinda - November 29, 2007

Please thank the parents for such a great example of husband, wife co-operation in birth! Seems as though they found a special balance with their care provider accepting support from her all the while maintaining their bond as a couple. Very encouraging. ~ Jacinda

6. Sheridan - November 28, 2007

Stunning! Thanks to the family for being willing to share and for you to post them!

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