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advocacy for homebirth: a video August 5, 2007

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Thanks to the Kentucky Midwifery Taskforce for putting together this video to promote homebirth and midwifery. KMT was formed to pursue legislation to license Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) so they may practice legally in the state of Kentucky.

To read about the midwifery laws in your state, please refer to the citizens for midwifery website.

This video was created for the purpose of educating consumers and legislators on the need for out-of-hospital birth providers in the state of Kentucky.

Current Kentucky law allows for licensed medical caregivers to attend homebirths but the state of Kentucky has not granted licenses since the 1970’s to direct entry midwives and does not recognize the certified professional midwife license. Only certified nurse midwives are recognized by the state of Kentucky. Most certified nurse midwives work only in hospitals, although some also do homebirths. The Kentucky Midwifery Taskforce’s goal is to have the state recognize certified professional midwives so they may practice legally in the state of Kentucky.



1. Heather Proffitt - March 13, 2009

I have just begun a program called Midwife-To-Be out of South Carolina. I had all three of my children in a hospital a wished I would have delivered with a Midwife at home instead of being tied up to machines like I was dying!!!! I hope and pray that Kentucky will allow CPM’s for the sake of all of Kentucky’s women and children.

2. Aimee La Buy Crane - August 11, 2007

Wow! What an awesome video. It is an excellent piece of advocacy for your cause, and I am really hopeful that it is well-received, and that your efforts are successful in bringing licensure to CPMs in Kentucky. I couldn’t agree more that Kentucky’s families deserve the best, and that means the opportunity to birth at home with the professionals who are best qualified to attend them there-CPMs.

3. Erica - August 8, 2007

Yay! What a great video! As a woman that has had two home births in Kentucky, I applaud the group for organizing such a great video to help get the word out.

Thanks for letting me know about your site through the BAHTI group. If you want to ever write an article for my baby boutique blog let me know. I love to share information on natural birthing and parenting there. đŸ™‚

4. Dale Bernucca - August 6, 2007

I’ve often reflected on how my children’s approach to birth is so simple – they’ve learned what they’ve seen. Today I am shaping my grandchildren’s births every time my children hear me speak about normal, natural childbirth with the expectant parents in my birth classes. Today my children watch these parents (and mom’s bellies) grow week after week for each session that we spend together. Today my children hear the birth stories of those same couples when they come back for reunions. Hospital, home, free, water….my children know about them and hands down choose homebirth with family and caring support. I hope to see the same expressions of these children’s faces on my grandchildren!!

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