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why I use Mother-ease® cloth diapers February 3, 2007

Posted by guinever in babies, cloth diapers, pregnancy.

I’ve been cloth diapering since my oldest chid was born in 1999. For the first five months of my son’s life, I was committed to using cloth diapers, but I had bought a variety of inexpensive diapers, trying to save money. After all, that was my main reason for using them in the first place–so I wouldn’t have the high cost of using disposable diapers. But as he got older and the amount of leaks increased, my commitment wavered. It seemed I was changing his clothes almost as often as I was changing his diaper.

A leak-free system sounded too good to be true
I had visited the Mother-ease® website on several occasions and had seen their advertisements in magazines. They promised a leak-free diaper system. But I thought they were pricey, and I didn’t really believe the claims. Then my son started having blow-outs (large amounts of poop that escaped the confines of his diaper) so I tried disposables, but the name brand diapers didn’t contain his messes either. So I ordered the introductory offer from Motherease® consisting of a diaper, liner, and cover. I figured I would use this diaper for a month to see if I liked it or not.

The Mother-ease® claims proved to be true
The first time my son wore the one size diaper and air-flow cover, he had a huge “blow-out” like the one I described above, except this time it didn’t leak because the diaper was so absorbent. The cover didn’t even get messed up. I didn’t need to try this diaper for a month. I called Motherease® immediately and ordered a dozen diapers. I later added another dozen and then another. As long as the diaper is tucked all the way into the cover, and the diaper is changed before it gets too wet so it won’t hold anymore liquid, Motherease® diapers are truly leak-proof.

Mother-ease® diapers last a long time
I quickly realized that although these diapers were pricier than others, in the long run, they would save money because I wouldn’t have to replace them. My fourth baby wore the same diapers as all her siblings. Not bad for diapers to last 6 years of non-stop use. Now, with my fifth child, I have bought another dozen and have had to slowly toss the older diapers away because they have become thin after years of use. The snaps on these diapers and covers are amazing. Not one has pulled away from the fabric or broken–something I have experienced in every other brand of snap-to-fit diapers I have tried. I have never had to throw away a cover. They’re still waterproof after going through 5 babies. I do not put the covers in the drier. I have used the one-size diapers which fit 8-35 pounds from newborn until potty training.

Pocket diapers.
Since my beginnings in cloth diapering, a new kind of diaper has entered the market. I wondered what all the rage was about over this very popular style of diaper, so I bought 3 to use at night with my toddler. I have to say that after months of using them, I really do prefer Mother-ease®. One of the benefits of the pocket diapers is that the synthetic material next to baby’s skin wicks away moisture so baby strays drier, thus reducing the incidence of diaper rash. Well, Mother-ease® has introduced stay-dry diapers and liners which I love even better than their original diaper. If you order from Mother-ease® , please tell them that Guinever sent you.

What I use and highly recommend
One size dry diapers and snap-in liners
Air flow covers
Extra small Sandy’s diapers for use in the first months (but not necessary)
Don’t forget the nursing pads

Read how to wash cloth diapers.



1. Jennifer Dewing - June 17, 2008

I also have used Mother Ease diapers for all 5 of my children, the youngest currently being 5 mths old. All of my children have very sensitive skin and my two eldest would get nasty diaper rashes that would quickly turn into open, bleeding sores. I found, though, that if I use disposables at night, then the diaper rashes would diminish dramatically. I’m not sure why, but that works for us. I also use disposables when we are away from home long enough where a diaper change will be needed. I used the cloth diapers exclusively for our first 2 children, but I must admit I got tired of lugging around wet, smelly diapers. We bought this set over 7 years ago and while just a few diapers are beginning to get thin, we are having to replace some of the covers. Partly because, at the beginning, I didn’t know not to put them in the dryer and I think that this has pre-maturely weakened them. The other reason is because I’ve misplaced the larger sizes! But even so, getting over 7 years worth of use out of them is nothing to complain about!

I endorse Mother Ease diapers just as much as you do! They are fantastic diapers that truly do grow with your child. Although, with my 3rd child (1st boy), he was is so stocky and thick, that they didn’t fit him all the way until he was potty trained (and he was almost 3 when completely done). And I’m expecting the same for my 4th child (2nd boy) as well. But they fit my daughters perfectly until they were potty trained.

Jennifer D

2. Janet - March 17, 2008

Mother-Ease One Size diapers have saved me so much money! I “did the math” while pregnant with my first and discovered that the cost of fully equipping myself with a Mother-Ease One Size layette, plus the cost of laundering the diapers for 2 years, was the same amount that I could anticipate spending on discount disposable diapers within 7 months. When looked at from that perspective, it’s not so pricey. I bought the layette, thinking that I would use them for 7 months, and if I couldn’t stand it any longer, I could go to disposable with no harm, no foul to my budget. Well, needless to say, I never looked back. Those diapers lasted through both my girls with very little wear. Now I’m planning to donate the layette to a needy mom, because the diapers still have plenty of wear left in them.

Janet, thanks so much for telling us your success story with Motherease diapers! ~blessings, Guinever

3. Kim - January 22, 2008

Money is always an issue. I asked for $ for my shower, we shall see.

Should I start with the sample order and see if the diaper works for my baby? My first baby gained weight so fast she was 12 pounds by 2 weeks. So, should I skip the smallest size cover?

How many diapers do I need? They have packages the complete package with 24 sounds like it may not be enough, but the convenience package with 36 sounds like it may be too much (of the same thing) I am thinking to order the complete package of the one size (24 diapers, 12 liners, 4 covers) and then order the starter package of one size dry (6 diapers, 3 liners and 2 covers)

Or am I better off ordering by the dozen?
What do you recommend?

Dear Kim, I wouldn’t recommend skipping the smallest air flow covers. The mediums would be absolutely huge on a newborn. Also, I wouldn’t base your new baby’s growth on a previous baby because they all grow at different rates (me, speaking from experience of having 5 babies). If you want to cloth diaper full-time, I would say you need a minimum of 24 diapers, more would be better especially the first few months when the baby uses twice as many diapers per day, but 24 is absolutely doable. I haven’t compared the costs recently, but if it were me, I’d probably crunch the numbers and go the cheapest route if there is a price difference. I don’t know if that would be a complete package…or doing one of their 4 cover packs plus a couple dozen diapers. Remember, when you a order dozen, you actually get 13, so that’s a consideration.

hope this helps, Guinever

4. Kim - January 21, 2008

I have been considering the Mother-ease diapers. Which are better the one size or the Sandys? And do I want the one size dry diaper? Is that best for nights so that the baby doesn’t wake up?

Dear Kim, is money a factor in your decision? You could get the one size diapers and that would be all you need. They’ll be a little bulky for the first couple months but the one size diaper will truly take you through age two or 35-40 pounds when your toddler is potty trained and doesn’t need them anymore.

I used the one size diapers for my first 3 children and I was fine. For my fourth and fifth, I added some newborn (or maybe they’re called XS) sandy’s too which were just great! I also have a few large sandy diapers that I use along with the one size. I hadn’t thought of the dry diapers helping your baby stay asleep because of wetness, but that might be a factor. I think the main benefit is that they can reduce rashes if your baby has sensitive skin–it just wicks the wetness away from the skin. I hope my comments have helped in your decision making. Feel free to ask more questions. ~blessings, Guinever

5. Jennifer - January 11, 2008

Through trial and error I found that the BEST remedy for diaper rash is a homemade “ointment” (although my hubby calls is “slurry”) from Milanta and cornstarch mixed together. For regular use, when no rash is present, I liberally sprinkle either cornstarch or baby powder w/ each diaper change. My daughter used to get really bad rashes, but w/ this combination of things very rarely gets them anymore. Plus the remedy is quite inexpensive– although somewhat messy.

Jennifer, Thanks for this tip. ~blessings, Guinever

6. Anne - September 17, 2007

Thanks for the great post. We have been using a diaper service for the first three months of my baby’s life and noticed that she gets diaper rash quite a bit. When we used disposables for a month while on a big vacation there was no diaper rash. Now that we are home again, the diaper rash is back with the diaper service and I’ve decided to go to a wash-it-yourself diaper (which is what I wanted in the first place ironically). I’m wondering if you ever had rash problems and how you have found the stay dry mother-ease. You alluded to it in your post, but I am curious if you have more to say. I think our sweet pea might have really sensitive skin.

Dear Anne, all 5 of my kids have had sensitive skin. My babies had occasional, minor rashes that would clear up with just one dose of desitin. But once they were older and started solids,the rashes would get worse. I finally figured out that juice and fruit just ate my kids’ skin away once they pooped. So then I stopped giving my older babies juice. I still majorly dilute my daughter’s juice (who is almost 3 and out of diapers) The rash, in my experience, wasn’t linked to which diapers were used, rather it was the food they ate and how long a dirty diaper was on them. Normally, I change right away, but that doesn’t always happen if the toddler is off playing. For a couple of my kids, I would smear A & D ointment or something similar on them just for prevention which worked. Oh and I love the stay dry mother-ease. I bought some for my 5th baby–they weren’t available until more recently. I have needed to use ointment with every diaper change–I love them and they definitely keep baby’s skin drier… ~blessings, Guinever

7. Heather - May 18, 2007

[…] If you get the right kind of diapers and use them properly, they won’t leak with even the nastiest blow-outs (according to Lexington’s own uber-mama Guinever) […]

8. guinever - February 27, 2007

Hi Erin,
Yes, the options available for cloth diapering can be overwhelming! Just choose Motherease. You’ll be glad that you did.

9. Erin Vest - February 26, 2007

Thanks for this great post! I’m trying to work myself up to cloth diapering, and all the options are overwhelming.

Hope your beautiful family is doing well!

10. guinever - February 5, 2007

All-in-one diapers, no matter what brand, do not last as long as separate diapers and covers. I bought one Mother-ease AIO a long time ago just try it out and I never bought any more. I just prefer the separate diapers and covers. I have kept this AIO in the car when I need a quick change, so it has served a good purpose over the years. I currently use it at nap time for my toddler who doesn’t wear diapers anymore except when in bed. That’s great that you’re getting hand-me-down diapers.

11. Bekah - February 5, 2007

I absolutely agree! I bought a dozen small Sandy’s and large Sandy’s with my second baby, who is about to turn 8, now. These diapers have lasted through four babies, and I’m now having to toss them. If I’d been able to afford more of them, they’d have lasted longer due to needing to wash each individual diaper less often. I haven’t tried the One-size, but I did order a couple AIO’s. Those did not last as long due to the construction of the cover adhered to the diaper. They were worn out before the first child was out of them.

I think the key to the system is the elastic around the legs and back. I was given a couple dozen handmade diapers from Elizabeth Lee’s pattern which also have elastic around the legs and they contain the poo really well. Unfortunately they are not as absorbant, but the price was right. 😉 I’ve been blessed to have received the cast-offs from three individual’s short attempts at cloth diapering, and so I haven’t needed to buy more diapers. If I did, I would certainly invest in Motherease again.

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